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The Day You Cry | A Poem by a Middle School Teacher

El día en que lloras: un poema por una maestra de intermedia

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Each time someone I have just met learns I’m a middle school teacher, I’m met with comments like: “You’re crazy!” or “Wow, you’re brave”. And you know what? They are probably right. I don’t have kids of my own, but as a middle school teacher, I feel so much like a mother. And although I love teaching impressionable young minds, and sometimes even think my students are cool (don’t tell them), they do let me down once in a while.

This poem is not geared at any particular event I’ve experienced lately, but is a general reflection on how sometimes, as much as we try to not let school stuff affect us, thoughts and worries about our kids creep into our minds and personal lives. I’m sure that some teachers have developed a tough shell with time, but also know that other newer teachers like me, may identify with this rare, but true sentiment, specially on the later days of the school year, when stress is high. I want to let you know... I get it. I’ve cried. And sometimes, that’s all you need to feel free.

Disclaimer: I don’t think I am—and don’t pretend to be—a [very] good writer. Even more, this is my first English language poem. The idea came to me in English, so I went with it. I hope you read it for what it is: a simple emotion put into words.

Thank you for being here.

The day you cry

There’s a day,
A day you cry.
A day when everything comes down.
A day when everything bright
goes dark.
A day in May.

You’re feeling ready and eager
For summer to come,
Grading papers,
Having a bit of fun.
The classroom’s a mess
And something is true:
The last days of school
Are crazy for all.

And then something pops,
A deep disillusion.
Your kids are no longer kids.
They want to do stupid things.
They want to skip
The prettiest of ages;
They break the illusion.

And you start to question:
Did I teach them well?
Did I mention
That stupid decisions
Can break you to pieces?
That they are just kids,
That there’s nothing better
Than sleeping late 
And having no worries?
Did I tell them
That there are mistakes
That follow you forever,

And that day,
That day in May,
Everything is bitter.
You’d promised yourself
To not let it in,
To let school be
between the walls it is.
But your mind
And your heart,
They hurt.

There’s a day,
A day in May,
You go back home
And school’s in your pocket.
And just like a locket
That’s broken and rust,
The tears build up,
The feelings run,
And break down the dam.
There’s a day,
A day you cry.

©️2018 Keira Lebrón | La Misi de Español

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